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Color will vary with alloy. Aluminum with low alloying elements will show practically no color change. Best coating on aluminum for dyeing. Can be dyed practically any color or shade (Black, blue, red, gold, orange, green etc.). Salt spray requirement is 336 hours (5% NaCI solution) per method B-117 of ASTM. Minimum weight for type II. Coatings: Class 1-1,000 Milligrams/sq.ft.


Specification Thickness Comments
MIL-A-8625F 0.000070" - 0.0010"  
Type II   All aluminum alloys, but do not use where solution will entrap.
Type II B Light Coating  
Class 1   Non-dyed
Class 2   Dyed: NOT AVAILABLE
Unless "clear" is specified on a Class 1, non-dyed coating, proper sealing will result in a yellow pale green appearance.
FED-STD-No. 595 may be used as a guide for specifying color (approximate comparison only).


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