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A process designed to remove foreign metals from the surface of stainless and corrosion resistant steels and to promote natural tendency of surface to oxidize. Does not change the appearance of the base metal. Process purifies surface and therefore improves corrosion resistance.


Specification Thickness Comments
AMS-P-35 No dimensional
Type II No dimensional
Medium temperature with sodium dichrominate.
Type VI No dimensional
Low temperature
Type VII No dimensional
Medium temperature
Type VIII No dimensional
Medium temperature with high concentration of nitric acid.
    24 hour humidity test required. Salt spray test may be required, if specified, in addition to humidity test.
ASTM-A-967-99el**   **Alternate spec to supercede QQ-P-35. In addition to passivate using Nitric acid (and Sodium Dichromate), this ASTM also introduces passivation using Citric acid which at the present time, Alexandria Metal Finishers does not perform.
    Nitric Acid
(Vol. %)
Sodium Dichromate
(Weight %)
Nitric 1 120°-130°F
20 min.
20-25 2.5 + 0.5
Nitric 2 70°-90°F
50 min.
20-45 none
Nitric 3 120°-140°F
20 min.
20-25 none
Nitric 4 120°-130°F
30 min.
45-55 none


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